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BAGGI® SERVICE is a set of services that complements BAGGI's manufacturing capabilities.

The peculiar application of each Customer is analyzed with care to find out the best solution, either an off-the-shelf product or a personalized development.

The Company's long time experience, highly qualified technical staff and international partnerships allow us to offer the following services:BAGGI service

· Pre-sales consultancy

· On site survey, when needed

· Design and manufacturing of specialized equipments

· Certification procedures

· Installation and Commissioning worldwide

· On site programmed/spot maintenance and fine tuning

· Analysis of traffic measurements, statistics for system optimization 

· Training, either in house or on site

· Multilingual documentation according to Customer’s requirements

· Spares handling

· Expedited shipment worldwide

· Remote technical support, via e-mail and phone calls

· Maintenance contracts

This full range of services results in proven Customer’s satisfaction (sales + service) and very short intervention/delivery times.








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