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BAGGI® designs and installs complex LAN/WAN architectures.

The turn-key commissioning comprises both the transmission lines (wire, fiber optic, add-drop multiplexer, digital radio link) and the data switching/multiplexing/routing equipments (router, hub, bridge, firewall, gatekeeper, gateway, DSLAM, servers).

Our company takes care of the civil works and of the electrical power distribution, when needed.

The design is aimed at adding value to Customer’s requirements, by maximizing the performance/cost ratio and taking into due consideration:

·         Data security, by using the appropriate protocols and by the correct configuration of the devices.

·         System safety, by duplicating (hot or cold stand-by) the key elements and by using protected shelters.

·         Quality of Service optimization, according to the actual requirements of the end users.

·         Full integration testing of equipments from different manufacturers.

·         Integration with the pre-existent Information Technology architecture

·         Ease of Operation and Maintenance from centralized workstations


If the data network has to handle also Voice over IP, the correct priority is given to the voice packets by using the proper protocols and by the appropriate configuration of the routers.

The system is delivered with all the due certifications and the complete “as built” documentation.


Our company can supply the applications that will run on the network, e.g. Electronic Mail, by providing the software and the server (either Linux or Windows).


The maintenance can be fully outsourced to BAGGI® Service, allowing Your company to concentrate on its peculiar Business.


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