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BAGGI® complements its offering of business telecommunications with Data Acquisition and Logging systems that meets all the industry signals and protocols standards. They are intended for industrial companies that want to integrate their production/manufacturing environment into their IT infrastructure.


Here is an example list of the input/output signals, related to the plant processes, that can be encapsulated into a suitable TCP/IP protocolEnclosure and made available over the company’s LAN/WAN for further elaboration.

Inputs from the process:

·         Analogue channels (current up to 20 mA, voltage up to 10 V, typical)

·         Digital channels (for reed relays, proximity switches, npn & pnp and contact closure)

·         Thermocouples J, K, R, S, T, B, E, N

·         RTD Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, KTY, NTC

·         Strain gauge load cell

·         Resistance (potentiometer, rheostat)

Outputs to the process:

·         Analogue channels (0/4…20 mA)

·         Digital channels (relay output, mosfet output)


Modbus / Profibus / Fieldbus Foundation Protocol


The system collects/distributes the raw signals using dedicated hardware modules, controlled by an embedded computer running the BAGGI BASE® application software. It offers an outstanding flexibility and can be easily customized according to customer’s requirements due to:

·         The modular and replaceable building blocks used for interfacing the I/O signals

·         The capability of easily updating and upgrading the software that operates and controls the whole system.

It can also act as a SCADA system, providing closed loop control functions.


Upon request, it is available for operation in an explosive atmosphere (ATEX) environment.

The figure shows an ATEX certified version, contained within a Stainless Steel 316L enclosure provided with a protective air purge system and an optional Vortex cooler (connected to the plant instrument air).

ATEX compliance:

- II 2 G Ex px II T6

- II 3 G Ex pz II T6


The system communicates with a high level control centre using standard protocols over the TCP/IP suite; it can be easily managed via a Web interface.

The following communication interfaces are available:

·         Ethernet (two RJ-45 ports at 10/100 mbps)

·         Wi-Fi at 11 Mbit/s

·         Radio link at 434 MHz (869 MHz optional)

·         Dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz




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