Baggi® Group





To be a reference enterprise for companies and agencies when Business telecommunications solutions are required.

To provide products and services at a level of excellence, not only respecting the quality of life and the protection of the environment, but even enhancing them.

The model of development corresponds to a company present on the market emphasizing high moral values, respecting the laws, the employees and the partners, with customer’s satisfaction as the focal point.

Sticking to its basic choices, Baggi®  is built upon the values of democracy, equal opportunities, fairness and solidarity; it is bound to respect this Ethical Behaviour code in all its proceedings, either internal or external.


Field of Application

The present Code applies to all the persons dealing with Baggi®, from the managing director to the apprentice, from the external partner to the consultant.

All the people coming in contact with our company, customers and suppliers, friends and relatives, should cooperate and not thwart this process.



Honesty is the first among the values, definitely.

In the relationship with competing companies, Baggi® encourages fair competition. Business relations have not to be based upon favoritism or personal interest. It is fair and correct to demonstrate gratitude with verbal and material acts of limited value (e.g. gift) to appreciate a continual, collaborative and well-established relationship; but it is not acceptable to aim at closing negotiations by offering bribes.

At Baggi we are proud to emphasize the truth, being sure that this one is the best competitive advantage.

We commit ourselves not to discriminate upon religion, sex, political belief and physical handicap.



Will is an essential value also: it is the drive allowing us to reach our goals.

It is particularly important for those people who need the help of colleagues and partners.



Reliability is an essential value that makes the steering system of the company, ensuring that moving the steering-wheel causes the correct path to be followed.



Our behaviour is the message we are sending minute by minute, day by day to the persons in contact with us. To act well is not enough; we must also communicate well!

We must realize that what is communicated is not what we would like to transmit, but what is understood by the other party. Therefore we increase the value of ourselves and of the image of our group.



Security means respecting the laws and regulations relevant to Hygiene and Health in the work places. We hold a strict No drug policy.



Efficiency means planning, controlling and pushing for a fast and consistent investment return and for reduction of waste and expenditure. It is vital to plan every activity respecting these values.

It is common opinion that money is a value. We think that value is in the noble acts that can be accomplished by means of the economic assets and that efficiency is the best way to produce them.


Customer's relationship

Respecting, gaining confidence, giving praise to references, getting involved and motivating our customers is of high importance.

The customer must be at the core of our strategies. The customer himself gives us the lifeblood and no company could survive without them. Checking the customers satisfaction periodically, always striving to improve it, is the best way to be grateful for their contribution to our well-being.



The personal privacy, the company know-how, the customer’s confidentiality is always protected. We will protect the confidentiality of the data contained either in the data bases or in the private archives and respect all the fulfilments due by the present laws about privacy. The processing of the data gathered by means of the company modules will be directed solely to accomplish the specific activities related to Baggi® business.

We are aware that using undue information from Baggi® or from its customers is unethical and subject to fines.

We commit ourselves not to hand over strategic information to competitors, customers, partners, consultants and suppliers and we ask them not to solicit them.



Baggi® cannot be successful without the mutual trust among all the persons that bring their contribution daily, even in the presence of partially contrasting interests. Trust is based upon mission sharing, upon the respect by every one of the values and rules in the present Code; therefore everyone commits himself to be fully compliant with it.

A natural consequence of the above is the reciprocal respect, within the assigned charges, that leads to cooperation among the persons, defined by a global politeness.

The recipients of the present Code who violate its rules breaks the trust relationship with the company.


The Person

The development of the human resources and their participation to the company’s decisions are essential principles for Baggi® management. Training courses are organized in order to improve the expertises and to keep and enhance the skills acquired during the employment.



 We must express our solidarity with those left behind but only those with at least the values we consider essential.




 We believe strongly in freedom. We want to build and maintain a structure, a “container” of talents who can express all their skills to the fullest.

Therefore we wish that each of us feels free to make his or her own decisions. We will not accept when people obstruct other peoples liberty or contrast laws and regulations or oppose the company’s mission and consequently what is expressed in the ISO 90001 quality system manual and procedures and expressed in the present ethical code.



Team spirit.

By our synergies, up to this day we have been able to reach prestigious achievements.

We consider our group to be a valuable asset and we want to protect it against external attacks, but even more against actions that could originate, alas, from within us, from colleagues or partners.

Therefore we will fight individualism and any action that might weaken the strength of the group or jeopardize its future.



Baggi® group is defined as the ensemble of employees, partners, agents, representatives, resellers, consultants that refer to Baggi® and that share the company’s goals.

Customer: he who benefits from our services and products for fulfilling his requirements, duly respecting invoice payments , not impeding our necessary development.



Initial draft: 08-04-2002 - revised and approved july 2010.